Tatner's Street Kitchen


Tatner's Street Kitchen is committed to serving delicious globally inspired street food using local ingredients


Our eating habits are changing. At home, at work and eating out, people expect more from their food. The British Street Food revolution is in full swing is fast becoming part of the cultural fabric of the UK.

At the helm of Tatner's Street Kitchen, award-winning chef Kyle Tatner’s desire is to provide delicious, high-quality food, available at a fraction of the expense of restaurant dining, and challenge perceptions of what tasty, quality, affordable food really can be. Locals and visitors to Camber Sands will be familiar with Kyle keeping it real at his food truck based down at the beach.

Now located in a permanent home at The Old Forge in the centre of Rye, Kyle is dispensing the finest locally sourced slow-cooked and flame-grilled street food, accompanied by the freshest slaws, sides and homemade flatbreads.

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Our Clients Know Best

We'd be nothing without our amazing customers, check out what they have to say about us below.

Kyle's food is the ultimate treat. Banging flavours and top quality ingredients. My husband and I have been going to the beach shack for years - chilli dogs are the best!!
We discovered Tatner's food at a friends wedding and then found his shack on the beach, absolutely love his food! I'm vegetarian and his halloumi sticks are incredible! The Vegan menu at the new restaurant is amazing!!
Gemma & Paul
Loved our surfer burgers and loaded fries! Great value, tasty food and a refreshing change to the usual restaurants in Rye!!
Rye, East Sussex

The Menu

Using locally-sourced and fresh ingredients, our menu aims to cater to a variety of tastes. Pulling inspiration from different countries cuisines, with home-made sauces, our simple and tasty street food is a guaranteed hit.

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