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Kyle Tatner

Award-winning chef Kyle Tatner spent years cultivating an impressive reputation on the fine dining scene. However something was missing. That spark of adventure we find in his food reflects in his personal life as well and after numerous road trips across Europe with his wife, he discovered and explored new techniques and tastes which heavily inspires the food he cooks today. Using his carefully honed skills and a combination of styles from each region, Kyle created his own unique style of street food.

He established Tatners Catering & Events in 2014, catering for a wide range of events from weddings to birthday parties to corporate catering. With growing demand for the public to get their hands on his food more frequently, he opened a street food shack on the beach at Broomhill Sands, Camber, an established go-to for hungry dog walkers, beach goers and kite surfers. Demand growing yet again, he turned his sights to a permanent, year-round restaurant in Rye...

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